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Tools and utilities

Article dated: 02-Nov-05

A new download area, set up in September 2005, forms part of a UKDA initiative to make its data and metadata expertise freely available to the outside world. The area will contain a growing number of utilities for generating, managing, manipulating and converting social survey data and metadata files.

Tools developed by the UKDA and ESDS will be directly downloadable, complete with accompanying documentation. Links to other similar useful tools made freely available by other organisations will also be provided.

The SPSS to STATA data conversion tool will be the first freely-available means of fully translating data file contents between these two packages. Uniquely, it also generates a log of any information inevitably lost upon conversion (given the two packages have slightly different data handling limits), and a data dictionary/codebook file relevant to both the SPSS and STATA versions of the data.

One of the special features of the conversion utility is the appending of the SPSS user missing value to the beginning of the value label in STATA, making tracking of the conversion very easy.