Our response to queries may be slower than usual during planned strike action on the following dates: February 22, 23, 26-28 and March 5-8, 12-16.


Service at risk

Article dated: 08-Feb-07

The service may be at risk whilst the UKDA moves to a new building.

The UK Data Archive is scheduled to move to a new building. This will take place over several days between 19 February and 7 March 2007.

The services provided to UKDA, ESDS, CRS and AHDS History will be at risk between these dates. For this purpose at risk means that there is a possibility that the various web sites/servers may be running slower than usual. Some services will be unavailable during this period with the maximum anticipated downtime for any individual service being less than two hours.

Response time for all enquiries is likely to be increased during this period whilst staff move.

At present the UKDA can not anticipate precisely when these services will be affected, and further information will be posted when known.