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DExT commission the Open Data Foundation

Article dated: 12-Sep-07

The UKDA and the Open Data Foundation (ODaF) have agreed to initiate a collaborative project for the development of data archiving and conversion tools. Supported by the UKDA-based, JISC-funded, Data Exchange Tools (DExT) initiative, the project aims to develop open source utilities for the conversion of both quantitative and qualitative data into a standard archiving format and export to common analysis data software packages or database systems.

DExT logo The initial phase is a proof of concept focusing on: using SPSS as an input format and support export to SPSS, Stata, SAS and ASCII; and converting Atlas-ti and QDA Miner, both commonly used Computer Assisted Qualitative Data Analysis (CAQDAS) packages, to an intermediate format. This work will lay the foundation for more advanced tools that can support additional input and output formats and provide enhanced functionalities.