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StORe prototype self-archiving data repository

Article dated: 13-Sep-07

The pilot demonstrator developed at the UKDA was a key deliverable from the JISC-funded Source to Output Repositories (StORe) project. It consists of a set of middleware designed to demonstrate the function of bi-directional links between source data and research output repositories. The StORe middleware refined the Elated open-source software client for the Fedora Repository System, providing a flexible service-oriented architecture for managing and delivering digital content.

StORe logo The StORe demonstrator has been further developed at the UKDA to form part of a prototype self-archiving data repository. Outside of the UKDA the outputs from StORe have been well received both within the Fedora and digital repository communities. StORe was specifically mentioned in the closing plenary of the recent JISC conference 'Digital Repositories: Dealing with the digital deluge' as a project that JISC would like to develop further.