Essential maintenance to our systems is planned for the morning of 19th December 2017. Users are likely to experience disruption to online services during this period.

The UK Data Archive offices are closed from 12.30 GMT Friday 22 December 2017 and will re-open on Tuesday 2 January 2018. Online services will run unattended during this period. Season's Greetings to all our users.


Changes to login

Article dated: 15-Jun-08

The login procedure will be changing to enable access via the UK Federation (Shibboleth). From 1 August 2008, users will be presented with the following login options:

Changes to login
  • login via UK Federation – for users from institutes of UK Higher and Further Education (UK HE/FE)
  • login via Athens – for users with logins issued by organisations outside UK HE/FE (users from UK HE/FE institutions still using Athens can also use this login if they wish)
  • other - for users unable to obtain a login from their institution/organisation, users who belong to non-UK federations, or users who have been issued a login by the UK Data Archive

Existing users will be contacted prior to 1 August and asked to log in to their account and provide a memorable word. To retain continuity of usage and avoid re-registration, existing users switching from Athens to the UK Federation will be required to provide some limited personal information, including the secure word.