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World social science forum

Article dated: 19-Jun-09

In 2006 the International Social Science Council decided to organise a World Social Science Forum (WSSF) and the first WSSF was held in Bergen, Norway, from 10-12 May 2009, hosted by the Stein Rokkan Centre. WSSF image

With a central theme of ‘One Planet – Worlds Apart?’ the conference aimed at exploring the inherent contradictions in a world where people are increasingly interlinked via communication technologies and globalisation yet where marked contrasts exist in a large number of socio-economic areas: health, wealth, and culture, for example.

The UKDA Director was invited to give a presentation in a session organised and sponsored by the ESRC entitled ‘Data for International Social Science Research: what we have and what we need’, taking the title of the session as the title of his presentation. The session also included contributions from: Julia Lane, Programme Director of the Science of Science and Innovation Policy, National Science Foundation, USA; Daisy Selematsela, Executive Director, Knowledge Management and Evaluation Directorate, National Research Foundation, RSA; and Adalberto Cardosa, Research Director, University Institute of Research of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.