Digital Curation Centre showcase data management tools

Article dated: 22-Mar-10

Three data management tools developed by the Digital Curation Centre (DCC) were showcased to Archive staff in February 2010. Presentations were given by Joy Davidson, Sarah Jones and Kevin Ashley from the Digital Curation Centre (DCC), together with Neil Beagrie of Charles Beagrie Limited.

The Data Assets Framework (DAF) is a tool that enables research organisations or departments to make an inventory of the research data they hold and assess how these data are managed. This can be used to identify gaps in data management or to develop data management procedures.

data management

The Assessing Institutional Digital Assets (AIDA) tool takes organisational support, resources and technology as the three pillars for preservation and management of digital assets and is based on the belief that they need to be equally balanced to work most effectively. For each pillar, the AIDA model helps institutions assess and measure which stage of maturity (out of five stages) they are at and therefore their ability to manage their digital assets.

The Keeping Research Data Safe2 (KRDS2) Activity Model measures the costs and benefits of long-term preservation of research data. It costs the various activities involved in data archiving and preservation and provides a framework for identifying the direct and indirect, short-term and long-term benefits of preserving research data.

The tools showcased will be useful for the UK Data Archive to test, apply and adapt for the recently started DMP-ESRC project on data management planning for ESRC centres and programmes.