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DDI meets qualitative data

Article dated: 20-Sep-11

Developers who are working to implement the Data Documentation Initiative (DDI) are invited to contribute to a three-day meeting in December dedicated to formally describing qualitative data.

The meeting will continue the work of the DDI Alliance working group on qualitative data and will focus on a possible extension of the current DDI-Lifecycle specification (DDI 3 branch).

Qualitative data presents challenges for systematic description as it is typically unstructured and complex, and capturing adequate context is difficult.

The UK Data Archive has spent some years working on descriptive schema – such as QuDex, currently being tested by various applications – and encourages the move by the DDI Alliance to welcome qualitative data into its house.

The event is set for 7-9 December immediately following the European DDI 2011 Conference (EDDI11) in Gothenburg, Sweden. It is open to anybody actively working in this area of metadata, especially technical developers working on archival data collections.