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Proposal to reform EU data protection rules

Article dated: 08-Feb-12

The European Commission (EC) has proposed a comprehensive reform of the 1995 data protection rules.

The reform of the EU's rules is expected to: smooth out inconsistencies in implementation and enforcement across the 27 EU Member States; reduce administrative costs; strengthen online privacy rights; reinforce consumer confidence in online services; and boost Europe's digital economy.

The 118-page proposal was released on 25 January 2012. Key points cover the areas of:

  • broader definition of 'personal data'
  • required explicit consent
  • personal data portability
  • special rules to protect children
  • responsibility of the controller
  • privacy impact assessments
  • documentation requirements
  • notification of data breaches
  • streamlined approvals from data protection authorities
  • independent European Data Protection Board
  • enhanced enforcement powers
  • complaints and remedies
  • penalties for violations
Further details are available at the links below.