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Teaching resource on psychosocial studies

Article dated: 10-Jul-12

ESDS is pleased to announce the release of its latest teaching resource on psychosocial studies. 

Psychosocial studies is an emerging field which draws on insights, techniques and theory from both psychoanalysis and sociology in order to understand the relationship between individual subjectivity and the social world.

The aim of the teaching resource is to familiarise both instructors and students with psychosocial methods and show how other researchers have used these approaches empirically and theoretically in their research projects.

The exercises are based on two archived collections which have used a psychosocial approach in their research. It contains extracts from the user guides, interviews and contextual notes from each of these studies.

This resource will appeal to academics and students from the social sciences, psychology and its related disciplines of psychoanalysis, psychotherapy and psychosocial studies.