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The UK's largest digital collection of social sciences and population research data

Deposit data

The UK Data Archive acquires, curates, publishes and preserves primary research data on behalf of the UK Data Service. We welcome offers of large or small-scale data collections, from quantitative to qualitative research, that might be of interest to the social science and humanities communities. This can be whole collections of data resulting from the products of primary research, replication data, fieldwork documentation or syntax.

FAIR Data - findable, accessible, interoperable, reusable

We make sure your data are FAIR, are professionally curated, are easily accessible to other researchers now and in the future, facilitating greater impact and visibility of your own research. Data sharing further demonstrates that you are doing reproducible research.

Our trust framework allows us to curate and publish data across the access spectrum of open, safeguarded and controlled. Our SecureLab allows access to detailed data through the use of technical safeguards and user training and adherence to industry standard information security protocols.

Please note: All offers and deposits of data to be curated at the UK Data Archive are managed through the UK Data Service. Please visit the deposit pages on the Service website. The UK Data Service also offers advice and training in this area and bespoke data cleaning and data rescue services.

The benefits of sharing data with us:

  • Research data stored in a secure environment
  • Data managed using robust governance
  • No researchers negotiating access with you directly
  • Discovery of data through online catalogues
  • Citable data using a DOI
  • Administration of data access on your behalf
  • Promotion of your data to user groups