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Due to industrial action, there may be a delay in responding to enquiries from Monday 25 November to Wednesday 4 December.

The UK's largest collection of digital research data in the social sciences and humanities

Capacity building and knowledge exchange

Our dedicated and specialist staff have become thought leaders in digital preservation, data ethics and governance.

The next few years will see us harness this expertise and work with stakeholders to enhance knowledge exchange in the changing data landscape.

We have developed an exceptional library of knowledge and resources to help manage research data more effectively, and as the lead organisation in the UK Data Service, we offer training resources, webinars and access support. These aim to provide an understanding and familiarity with our data and methods of using it, and to help researchers appreciate how to create high quality and well-documented data for onward sharing.

As a department in the Faculty of Social Science at the University of Essex, we contribute to educational strategy and delivery of expert skills, running training on data management and sharing, including the Newcomers programme for early career researchers at the University of Essex. Experts from the UK Data Archive have also delivered new data science oriented courses at the Essex Big Data Summer Schools.