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Research data management

We are a leader of best practice guidance and training on all aspects of research data management through web-based, workshop and printed advice.

Through dedicated research funding, we have pioneered a manual for undertaking research data management. Our first brochure was sponsored by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) and Jisc, and was endorsed by a range of research funders, data services, the British Library and others. The content has been reused in a huge number of websites and guidance documents, and it has been translated into Korean and Japanese.

Our more recent book, Managing and Sharing Research Data: a guide to good practice, commmissioned and published by Sage, has become popular with early career and experienced researchers and repository managers around the world. It has been translated into Chinese and is now being put into Japanese.

Our training courses in this area are always in demand and have been delivered training on the subject in Europe, the USA, China, India, Taiwan and Krygyzstan.