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The UK's largest digital collection of social sciences and population research data

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The data curated and published by the UK Data Archive can be discovered and accessed through the UK Data Service catalogue.

We have built up the largest collection of social science and humanities data in the UK over the last 50 years. Data come from a variety of sources including government departments, researchers and research institutions, public and commercial organisations.

Our collection encompasses data relating to society, both historical and contemporary, covering the social sciences, economics and humanities, as well as the societal aspects of environmental and medical data.

Our longstanding relationships with UK government departments mean we are the trusted digital repository for most of the UK's major national survey series produced by for example, the Office of National Statistics, the Home Office and the Department of Health.

We also provide access to the UK's most important longitudinal surveys - cohort or panel studies which follow individuals over time and opinion poll data from market research organisations.

We curate some of the most well known UK data series.