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Qualitative data handling in NVivo9

A team at the UK Data Archive designed an exercise to teach researchers and students how to use the NVivo 9 application as a data management tool.

The exercise formed part of the MANTRA project, supported by the JISC Managing Research Data Programme, which developed online learning materials aiming to reflect best practice in research data management.

Our Nvivo exercise was written for researchers spanning the natural and social sciences and humanities who are using NVivo 9 as their main qualitative data analysis software. It is a self-study exercise that gives an overview of using NVivo 9 for managing qualitative data primarily with a focus on the pre- and post-analysis stages.

The exercise was designed to complement the University of Edinburgh's School of Social and Political Science postgraduate course 'Core Qualitative Data Analysis for Social Research', or other similar courses in research design, qualitative data analysis and data collection.

The exercise is also grounded in the principles of good data management, the foundation for good research and sharable data. If data are properly organised, preserved and well documented, the result is high quality data, efficient research, outputs based on solid evidence and the saving of time and resources. For those already familiar with NVivo, little additional effort is needed to use its many features to support high quality data management.

Archive contribution

Kakia Chatsiou and Libby Bishop from the Archive authored the NVivo module, drawing on their expertise in qualitative data research methodologies and data planning and management.

Principal Investigator: Louise Corti
Funder: Jisc
Dates: February 2011 - August 2011
Contact: Research Data Management