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Metadata and data discovery


Cohort and Longitudinal Studies Enhancement Resources (CLOSER)

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Public Health and Epidemiology Data Discovery

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EU CESSDA Metadata Management of content and practice

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Multilingual vocabularies in EU CESSDA

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EU CESSDA controlled vocabularies (CV) Manager

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EU CESSDA European Question Bank (EQB)

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EU CESSDA European Language Social Science Thesaurus (ELSST)

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UK Research Data Discovery pilot

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Digital Futures: an online publishing solution for qualitative data

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Identifying rural markers at the UK Data Archive

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UK Survey Question Bank (SQB)

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Simple Knowledge Organization System (SKOS) for the HASSET Thesaurus

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Data Exchange Tools and Conversion Utilities (DExT) for survey and qualitative data

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Smart Qualitative Data: technical solutions for sharing qualitative data

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Multilingual Access to Data Infrastructures of the European Research Area (MADIERA)


MetaDater: Standards for describing comparative surveys

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Open Archival Information Systems for the UK Data Archive and TNA

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Cluster Of Systems of Metadata for Official Statistics (COSMOS)

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MetaNet: harmonising statistical expertise and metadata

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Language Independent Metadata Browsing of European Resources (LIMBER)

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Networked Social Science Tools and Resources (NESSTAR) for browsing data online