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Shibboleth authentication

This project involved the application of Shibboleth middleware to three Essex resources. A system of target-to-target communication was then created in order to place these targeted resources within the registration service.

This JISC-funded project investigated, developed and tested a system applying Shibboleth middleware to three resources hosted at Essex. Using these Essex-based resources, SAFARI embedded the resulting system seamlessly within the one-stop registration service. The three resources that were 'shibbolised' were: ESDS, the Census Registration Service (CRS) and the Collection of Historical Censuses (CHCC).

In order to place the resource targets within the registration service, a system of target-to-target communication was developed. This created a transfer mechanism to identify registered users, and thus prevented users from having to register more than once. A complementary communication method was also required to identify those special conditions to which users agreed. The final system was evaluated via user and stakeholder consultation.

Archive contribution

The UK Data Archive set up the Shibboleth targets, established them in the one-stop registration service, tested the system, and reported the project's findings as a case study.

Principal Investigator: Kevin Schürer
Funder: Jisc
Dates: March 2005 - March 2006
Contact: UK Data Service