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The UK's largest digital collection of social sciences and population research data

Teaching Resources and Materials for Social Scientists

The TRAMSS project built a set of online exploratory teaching resources based on investigation of survey data from the UK Data Archive using online software.

A central aspect of the project was to put exemplar analyses in a substantive context. The website enabled users to be introduced to data sources and methods via a series of research questions. Once data were extracted, the training materials took users through standard analyses and encouraged them to ask questions that might lead them to more complex analyses, and possibly deepen their reading of text and journals. The flexibility of the medium itself allowed users with prior experience of accessing data or complex analysis to find their own route and use of the material.

The target audience was Master's students in quantitative social science research, although the project aimed to be broad enough to include professional social science researchers and young academics keen to develop their methodological skills and knowledge of data resources.

The project bought together four centres of expertise and was part of the ESRC's Analysis of Large and Complex Datasets programme.

Archive contribution

The UK Data Archive provided the data and built and hosted the TRAMSS website.

Principal Investigator: Hilary Beedham
Funder: ESRC
Dates: October 1998 - September 2000
Contact: UK Data Service