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Due to industrial action, there may be a delay in responding to enquiries from Monday 25 November to Wednesday 4 December.

The UK's largest collection of digital research data in the social sciences and humanities

Digital curation and data publishing

Gold standard data curation and digital preservation

Our organisation is a Trusted Digital Repository (TDR) with a mission to provide reliable, long-term access to managed digital resources. We are at the forefront in defining, meeting and supporting the adoption of appropriate standards in this area.

Our methods and procedures for digital curation and preservation have been developed and refined over a long period, and our pioneering work in this field is widely recognised. In terms of technical advances, we take a strategic approach to long-term digital curation, aiming for the highest quality in all our processes, and to continually improve all aspects of our curation work.

We run digital preservation services and are a member of the Digital Preservation Coalition. We hold and make accessible authentic and reliable versions of data through long-term preservation and provide continuous access. We also offer reliable information on how the reproducibility of research results based on our data might be affected by changes to the data.

Trust and information security are critical, and we provide access across the data access spectrum, from open to controlled. Our staff are well-regarded in this field, and currently lead the Trust Working Group for the Consortium of European Social Science Data Archives (CESSDA).

In 2010, we were the first ever academic department of a UK university to earn ISO 27001 certification, the internationally recognised and accepted independent security standard. This covers all our systems, technology, processes, people and IT systems. Our Secure Lab (and other mission-critical IT systems hosted by the UK Data Archive) undergo rigorous independent external and internal auditing and penetration testing.